Colour Plan

Colour Plan

You know which colours you like, but will they fit in your house? Which room or wall do you paint? Should you add wallpaper and where do you find it? Which colours work well together and what kind of curtains match? How do I create the right balance in my house?

Do you recognize these questions and you can use some professional advice? We can help you develop a Colour Plan.

What to expect

  1. Colour recommendation per room. Type of paint, tone & finish.
  2. Advice on how to paint your woodwork, floors and beams.
  3. Specific paint advice on borders and painting lines & details.

Two types of Colour plan Packages

Walk through Colour advice Package - €350 ex VAT (<90M²)

During a visit of the project and walking through the spaces together, we will give you our ideas about what colour (paint /type) to use where (+/- 2-hour session).

Documented Colour advice - €950 ex VAT (<90M²)

Documented Colour advice
  • A visit to the project and walk through the spaces together and learn about your specific needs and ideas..
  • Preparation of the colour plan.
  • Meeting at our office in which we present and discuss our ideas.
  • To finalise, we set up a meeting at the project to walk through the colour plan with the painter and we advise on painting lines/borders and details.
  • We will write down the chosen colour plan in a colour proposal document .pdf and send it to the client.

If you like us to help you additionally with the souring of the right wallpaper, curtains, fabrics or any additional styling advice. We are most happy to help you on an hourly basis.

Upholstery Plan

“Working with colour is the cheapest way of styling. It can make such a difference in an empty space.
If you add upholstery on top of that you bring in the magic!

Imagine you match layers of colour.”

Colour Plan

What to expect

During one in- home consult we bring in in all kinds of samples suitable for each room.

  1. Advice on what type and style of covering to use per window; blind, curtain rolls, bamboo, shutters...
  2. Advice on types of fabric, colour and details to use.
  3. Advise on confection details; type of curtain lining and pleat, length, system etc.
  4. We can coordinate the confection & order.


We can offer you an upholstery plan for €350 ex VAT.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us at
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